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Service Civil International

История создания организации. Service Civil International is an international peace movement founded in 1920 with the motto "Deeds, no words", i.e., priority should be given to concrete action as a way of establishing tolerance and peace. The organisation was founded in 1920 by Pierre Ceresole, a Swiss engineer who started SCI as a peace and humanitarian movement after the terrors of the 1st World War.
Цели и задачи. SCI tries to improve mutual respect for different cultures by creating international networks of friends and by promoting international voluntary service. SCI has 80 years of experience in the field of voluntary service at an international level.  It currently has 35 branches in Europe, Asia and one branch in Africa.
Кого куда берут. The main activities of SCI remain to co-ordinate and initiate  voluntary service projects for international teams of volunteers on both long and short- term basis, in which more than four thousand volunteers participate each year. The activities can be categorised by the following topics: international volunteer projects, thematic seminars, medium and long term voluntary service, education and training courses, individual trainee-ships, solidarity campaigns, East-West and North-South exchanges, development and education.

Куда писать. For more information, please contact Isabelle Vandenbergen, SCI International Coordinator. E-mail: sciisa@sciint.org.


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